Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The Garter

I went into JoAnn Fabric to find a veil pattern to alter the veil Greg's mom, Gwenda, gave me. The veil that was passed down to me is very big and long, which is more than enough material for me to use. As I flipped through a book of patterns, I found a veil pattern that included a garter belt pattern. All I needed was 1) ribbon, 2) elastic and 3) some lace. Easy enough, I thought. So I trek though the wall of ribbons thinking "Goodness, which one should I choose!" Then I saw something and immediately lounged myself full force at a spool of ribbons decked with turtles! Yep! TURTLES!

I stopped by Angi's house to drop off her birthday present. Of course, I couldn't resist showing her and her sister, Tina as well as the rest of the family including their cousin, Sue the TURTLE ribbon. I ended up making the garter belt at Angi's house with their help. Thanks guys!

By the way, I still haven't made the veil.

Friday, June 22, 2007


We arrived at Greg's house at 9:30pm last night and discovered a surprise on the dinning table. Even though we knew the package was shipped 2 days ago, it was still shocking to see a 5 pound box starring back at you with labels of CHOCOLATE plastered all over it! That's RigHT, the chocolate for the wedding favors are innnnnnnn the house!

Phase 2 of 3 is completed. Only a selective few will know its true identity, everybody else will have to come and see for themselves.

Snail Mail

We are finally mailing out the invitations in small batches. Since mail to Australia takes a week to fly across "the pond", those where the first to go. The Seattles invites will either be personally delivered or they are slowly heading their way through snail mail.

Surprisingly, it doesn't take us very long to put the invitations into an envelope and it has been very enjoyable. Getting the invitations ready, has made us look at each other with starry eyes. Seeing "the request of your presence to our marriage" has us snuggle against each other dreaming of the day as "Mr. & Mrs. Morton."

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Get DOOoo wnnn!

We finally book a dj! We decided to go with Jason Brown from Tune City Dj's because he has dj at our friend's (Yuli and Mike) wedding last year and plus he is really a cool guy.

Mr. Jason Brown is also a 4th Grade Teacher and does this during the summer. I'm seem to be surrounded by teachers! Greg's Dad has retired from being a teacher in Australia. My family in Seattle are teachers. Auntie Lydia - piano teacher; Auntie Doris - Kingdegarten; Auntie Selena - Special Ed: I should be a math teacher to continue with this family trend.

Despite being a teacher, Mr. Brown can get the dance floor going!

Boogie Down!

Monday, June 11, 2007

This takes the Cake

Several more to-do items to be crossed off. We have ordered our wedding cake on Sunday with a wonderful person name Victoria Logan.

We decided on a 3 tier cake. We are serving 2 varieties to our guest, lemon cake with bavarian cream and swiss chocolate with raspberry bavarian filling. Saving the best for last, the American tradition is to save the 3rd tier in the freezer for the One year Anniversary to be eaten by the happy couple. Greg and I really liked the chocolate truffle cake but we decided it was too rich and will make a better One year Anniversary cake, which we are really looking forward to ""enjoying." We'll let you know how it tasts.

Greg's Birthday!

Jason gave us a christmas/engagement gift voucher to the 5th Avenue Theater! On June 6th, we went to see "West Side Story" and we absolutely loved it! I still keep singing songs from it.

The next day was Greg's 33rd Birthday. We went to an Italian restaurant in Wallingford called Bizzarro and had a great time. They were fabulous and helped made Greg's 33rd unforgettable.

The Birthday celebration continued on the next day with friends. We went to Hale's Ales Brewery and I brought a cake from Borracchini's. It was an amazing chocolate cake with mocha frosting. Greg was sporting a navy blue shirt with the caffeine molecule imprinted on it, that he got from me for his birthday. I also got him a bag of coffee beans from South America to compliment his shirt. :)