Monday, June 11, 2007

Greg's Birthday!

Jason gave us a christmas/engagement gift voucher to the 5th Avenue Theater! On June 6th, we went to see "West Side Story" and we absolutely loved it! I still keep singing songs from it.

The next day was Greg's 33rd Birthday. We went to an Italian restaurant in Wallingford called Bizzarro and had a great time. They were fabulous and helped made Greg's 33rd unforgettable.

The Birthday celebration continued on the next day with friends. We went to Hale's Ales Brewery and I brought a cake from Borracchini's. It was an amazing chocolate cake with mocha frosting. Greg was sporting a navy blue shirt with the caffeine molecule imprinted on it, that he got from me for his birthday. I also got him a bag of coffee beans from South America to compliment his shirt. :)

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raecatherine said...

belated happy b-day greg! we'll put that one on the calendar for next year.