Thursday, January 31, 2008

On my Bday!

What a great present to wake up with SNOW covering the ground! Just the day before(sunday 27th), I was telling Greg about how sad I was to not be on the mountain with snow. Looks like the mountain came to me.

What fun! For dinner I wanted to try something different. Rather than the usual Ray's Boathouse, I decided something more stylish. With a bib and a MALLET, this birthday girl went to town. I'm sure others were thinking....Is it a woodpecker? No. Is it a jackhammer? NO. It a crazy little Asian girl with a MALLET!.....

Weapon in hand = destruction

Hopefully by now, I have you all wondering where this wonderful place is. The Crab Pot!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Fun at Snoqualmie!

Megan(co-worker), Wanda(sister) and I hit the snow on Saturday, Jan. 26. We had a blast going down Easy Rider, Dodge Ridge and so on. By the way, these are intermediate run and this is only my 2nd and a half time snowboarding. The half was when I have gone snowboarding 5 yrs ago! time flys! Here's a map of Summit West

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Morton Jr's First Christmas

This Christmas was extra special as it was the first one that we celebrated together as "Morton's" We have already started some of our own family traditions.

Christmas Day was quite festive with everyone wearing their Christmas hat during dinner. We had quite a spread with a mix of Australian, Chinese and American cuisines such as a 6pound roast, cornbread, bok choy, salad, mash potatoes, and ..... a new Christmas tradition of lighting the plum
pudding on fire. Loved it so much, we lit it on fire 3 or 4 times!

For those of you, who don't know what a plum pudding is. Plum pudding
is an Australian Christmas Tradition and it's similiar to a Fruit Cake.
It's actually denser than a fruit cake. It comes wrapped in a cloth
and gets boiled in water for 1 hour. Afterwards, you pour some whiskey
or brandy on top and light it on FIRE. You eat this smothered in
Custard, which I also bought with the plum pudding. However, if you
are a beginner like me, you make lumpy Custard, which is what we ate
with the above plum pudding.

As for the 75F, blue sky, sunny weather, we enjoyed it very much.
Played tennis on the day of Christmas. Several days before, Eva and her
friend as well as Greg and I went to Los Angeles County of Museum of
Art, aka LACMA. But we got tired after 2 hours and decided to leave
rather than see the rest of the museum! So much for being an Art fan!
At least Greg was able to see the La Brea Tar Pit next to the museum.
Of course, we topped it off with a burger "from In & Out."

Lastly, I was very happy to spend some time with my little sister Eva before she ships out on her 3 month "Semester at Sea."

Monday, January 21, 2008

MLK weekend

Bam !! Clam !! We are back baby !! Cheryl, Greg and Wanda left Oceans Shore beach full of holes after digging up 45 clams in about 45 minutes. Came back and deep-fried them. Delicious. Have plenty left over to make clam chowder. Look forward to hitting the coast again next month.... We might even test out our new tent that we bought at REI. It has really cool features and is extremely easy to put up.

For MLK, our original plan was to visit the Woodland Park Zoo. However that plan was cancelled by errands that took longer than we anticipated. Instead, Cheryl had a hankering to cook a pot roast in our new slow cooker. After grocery shopping we came home with a 2.5lb tip sirloin roast. While the roast was cooking, Cheryl spontaneously decided to go for a hike to work up an appetite. We decided to test our new hiking boots by climbing to the summit of Rattlesnake Ridge in the ice and snow !! The view was awesome on a crisp, sunny, clear Pacific NW day. Came home to the magnificent smell of the roast and devoured most of it.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Hunting little dudes down!

Yep, it's that time again! When Greg and I pull on our waterproof gear and rainboots, just to march onto the beach in hope of digging up more than 3 clams! Our Thanksgiving Clam Dig was a diaster! 3 clams! sshessss..Take one bite and pass it on. We'll be heading out this Saturday at a decent hour because low tide is at 3:58pm. This means, we will have to be at the beach an hour before low tide to hunt these little dudes down! That's right, they are not escaping this time!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Ring in the New Year!

Well maybe snowboard the New Year in. My co-worker, Megan, has a cabin at Crystal Mountain and did a night hike well before midnight. Tired from the hike, most of us went to bed! Talking about getting old. However, Greg and I as well as Megan and Collin made it to MidNight! Cheers! To celebarte we went snowboarding. Even Wanda came up and met with us!

Due to many winter sport and in anticipation for spring to come, I have become a sporting store stalker! So far,, sport authority, cabela, and Big 5 is a new home for a 5'1" Asian city girl. You don't even want to know what I have been searching for. But I will let you know what I have purchased: 1 golf glove, snowboard boats, marmot sleeping bags...yikes!

As for the gift-giving day, tor those of you, who already know, Greg and I, joined by Eva, went to LA to celebrate Christmas. We had a great time hanging out with my Dad and seeing my brother again. Those who are curious about my other sister, Wanda stayed in Seattle and spent time with our extended family in Seattle and went innertubing the on Christmas Day.

Thanks for reading my blog and I hope this blog finds you well. Happy New Year!