Saturday, July 21, 2007

Bite! Yum-Yum! Bite!

It's the middle of July in Seattle. That means the Bite of Seattle has arrived with an array of food and music! We shared the elephant ear and Jones BBQ Ribs. Both were finger licking good and you know what happens when you eat ribs. Once the rain started (ahem and the country music), we decided to leave with a rib-stained shirt (Greg).

Monday, July 16, 2007


Special Thanks to Mark Bartlett. His parents-in-law are season tickets holder and were unable to go. As you can see, they twisted our arms to go. With great enthusiam (on my part), we took the foam fingers and I had my Kenji Jojihma(#2) shirt!

Sitting at Section 126, row 24, which is behind home plate, the view was very different to the fairly large people, that we usually spot in the nosebleed section. A few rows behind us, we spotted "Moose Man" with 100's of Moose keychain around his neck! He even had his own personal shirt with Moose Man across the back. On the same row, 10 seats away was a man who tried to phase the opposing batters by shouting incomprehensible words every time the bat was swung. Munching on garlic fries, the diehard shouting man was hoarse by the end of the game. :)

For those who are curious, this was the day before Ichiro got a 96mph ball to the knee and by the way Mariner's won 6-4! Goooo Mariners!

Thursday, July 5, 2007

4th of July

Around 2pm, we took a walk around GasWorks to see the festivities. If you look closely, you can see the barge on the water where the fireworks comes from. (Those pictures will be posted shortly). At the top of the hill was a giant inflatable Liberty head surrounded by very huge US flags.

Little did we know, Greg's green card will arrive next week, Thursday (7/12). Yep, he is American now.
We spent the entire day with friends with the couch out in front of the house grilling away. It was a great day!