Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The House

Thank you everyone for the congrats!

I realized that I haven't mentioned the house. Yep, we bought a house! The house is in Maple Leaf, just south of Northgate Mall.

It is a duplex. So we rent out the back, which has 1 bedroom, living room and it's own kitchen. We are separated by a wall. So, we don't see our tenant very much.

The front is where we live, and it has 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, laundry room and a big kitchen.

Our real estate agent fought for us. There were 5 offers on the house and we got it!!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Ring in the New Year!

The last 5 months has gone by at a blink of an eye. Where have we been?

As for me (Cheryl), I have started my internship at Harborview Pharmacy and worked hospital hours, which some of you know and are groaning now. The hours are not consistent, nor are the days!

Once September hit, it was a quick trip to Italy, for Greg's work, and the start of my career: pharmacy school. The 1st quarter was very overwhelming. Not only were there a lot of material to study, but clubs and brown bag sessions constantly filled my oh-so-limited-free time. Anyhow, the 1st quarter is done! And now onto the 2nd quarter.

For Greg, he has been swamped with work. He is currently working on submitting an abstract to the ADA meeting in June. He is also working on a RO1, which in layman's term, a really difficult grant to be funded and it will mean Greg has finally made it as a scientist. Of course, the RO1 is very competitive. It sure takes a certain personality to do this career!

Lastly, I couldn't resist myself, a pharmacy-related information. Especially since it is a new year, majority of use have goals to be healthier and skinnier. FDA just added 41 more diet pill on a warning list! Click Here

Have an Awesome 2009 and a safe one!