Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The Garter

I went into JoAnn Fabric to find a veil pattern to alter the veil Greg's mom, Gwenda, gave me. The veil that was passed down to me is very big and long, which is more than enough material for me to use. As I flipped through a book of patterns, I found a veil pattern that included a garter belt pattern. All I needed was 1) ribbon, 2) elastic and 3) some lace. Easy enough, I thought. So I trek though the wall of ribbons thinking "Goodness, which one should I choose!" Then I saw something and immediately lounged myself full force at a spool of ribbons decked with turtles! Yep! TURTLES!

I stopped by Angi's house to drop off her birthday present. Of course, I couldn't resist showing her and her sister, Tina as well as the rest of the family including their cousin, Sue the TURTLE ribbon. I ended up making the garter belt at Angi's house with their help. Thanks guys!

By the way, I still haven't made the veil.


La Arana Peruana said...

OMG...that couldn't be a more perfect garter for you!

raecatherine said...

ha ha, love it. the girl with turtles running around has them wrapped around her thigh. it couldn't get more 'cheryl' than that!

Wanda said...

sheesh... its hella cute!

raecatherine said...

it's july already! and no july updates??? that's it girly--you simply must come golfing with us so you can post funny gold pictures. you in plaid turtle pants, ha ha!