Friday, October 26, 2007

The Normal Gambit of Life

So, nothing new going on in my life. Greg and I are settling into our new apartment. Will post picture soon, when I find my camera cord.

Here is a list of what I am working on:

1. Unpacking (It has been 3weeks, but some items don't seem to want to come out of the box)

2. Working on tons of application for pharmacy school

3. Taking an English online class to improve my writing skills. This has been very challenging.

4. Trying to get organize. How do you do this? Any suggestions?

5. Getting a head start by reading up on latest pharmacy info. Even pronouncing drugs correctly will be nice.

6. Improving and learning languages: Cantonese, Mandarin, and Spanish. I will be joining a Spanish only meetup group with Michelle Hopefully, a year or two from now I will be fluent in four languages. Other languages I wish to learn are vietnamese and japanese.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Let's visit Harborview's ER?

Wednesday morning, I was at work munching on fruit snacks. All of a sudden I felt my stomach hurt. Eh? "Cheryl, you've done it again. Overate something you shouldn't have." I proceeded my day like so, but by lunch time I look very similiar to the mental health patient walking around Harborview. I was hunched over with my head tilted to the right and seem to be walking to the left. Continued my day on.

Thursday morning. Greg got a rude shock when he rolled over in the bed to put his arm around me. Not only did he got me, but he also got a loud yelp of pain. Refusing to look like a pansey, I went to work with Greg, meanwhile Greg kept telling me to go to the doctor. Fine. I decided to go to the ER.

For all the geeky medical people out there. Guess what it was. But first, here are some clues. 1 normal CT scan and 1 normal ultrasound. Drum roll please! It was a rupture ovarian cyst. What? Didn't even know cyst can be there.

Need not to worry, but Sunday I was back to my usual self with 1 less cyst.