Monday, April 7, 2008

April Fool's

As we all know, little Miss Cheryl has a mischievous side. So April Fool's Day is just another day but with a twist.

What is the worst thing to get at Harborview? Any guesses?

Anyone, who has been to Harborview know the answer: parking ticket.

What does Cheryl do? Borrowed a co-worker's parking ticket envelope and stuffed it with a note saying "April Fool's Day! by the way, LOVE Cheryl + Megan (the accomplice).

Who got this? Well, of course the husband Greg!

I have thought of getting Rae, (outside of April Fool's) but the phone number listed at her work directory didn't reach her. What was I planning? Can't tell, I may still use it one of these days. {evil laughter}

1 comment:

raecatherine said...

oh no! i guess i really have to be on the alert now. =)