Monday, March 17, 2008

Helloooo? Are you out there?

Sorry! We have been M.I.A. Last week was filled with "Vision 08 Conference." During the conference, world famous pastors from all over the world speaks on leadership or simply "how to - be a stronger and better person". Despite the fatigue, we always feel greatly inspired and gain new perspectives. "Nope, we don't believe in being a stick in the mud."

So, here is the brief message:

Speaker - Jentezen Franklin from Gainsville, Georgia

Speaker - Kong Hee from Singapore
"The main motto is "Loving God" and "Loving People""

Speaker - Rick Godwin from San Antonio, Texas
"What is your "I Must",in other words, your destiny in life?"

Speaker - Bill Hybel from Illinois
"Leadership is working with the team to develop "ownership" by working together to create the main purpose or creed of the "company", "marriage", etc."

Driving home Friday night, we created a rough draft of our "Marriage Ownership Creed"

"Building a strong and fun Marriage based on God's Word"

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raecatherine said...

looks like an inspiring weekend!

did you know that you're "it"? come over to my blog and check out the details...