Tuesday, February 5, 2008


"A picture is Worth a Thousand Words"

(D'OH! Sorry Tania. I must have pressed the "publish post" instead of just save.)

Our Green Machine=Ford Escort went to the service shop and gave us this car! This HORRIBLE car! It smelled like cigarette smoke! To understand the horribleness, here is a true story.

It was a cold Sunday night and the clock just striked 7pm. The happy couple were cuddling on the couch, when one of them decided to run to the store.

Greg: "We need to get milk for tomorrow."

Cheryl: "Can't we eat our cereal with water?"

Greg: "No"

Cheryl: "Okay, let's go to safeway. It's the closest."

30minutes later (20 of it was gowning up)

At Safeway after paying for the milk, 2L coke, orange juice....

Greg: "I need to get motor oil"

Cheryl: "Okay, toss me the car key and I'll put the groceries away."

The key was tossed. I(Cheryl) goes put groceries in the car and place the key into the passengar door. Flick the wrist and realized one half of the key is in my hand and the other half is in the door. (oh-oh!)

We ended up walking our groceries to our home, which took 20 minutes. Plus this was the day before my bday....Greg was not happy.

What happens next?

Well, Greg hammered 1/2 of the key straight and superglued it together overnight. The next morning (see below On My Bday!), Greg braved the snow and made a replica of the key. Surprisingly, the replica worked!

Thus the well-deserved name The Blue Beast. There were other incident but this one takes the cake. :)

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Tania said...

what's up with this blue beast? is it yours?