Thursday, January 31, 2008

On my Bday!

What a great present to wake up with SNOW covering the ground! Just the day before(sunday 27th), I was telling Greg about how sad I was to not be on the mountain with snow. Looks like the mountain came to me.

What fun! For dinner I wanted to try something different. Rather than the usual Ray's Boathouse, I decided something more stylish. With a bib and a MALLET, this birthday girl went to town. I'm sure others were thinking....Is it a woodpecker? No. Is it a jackhammer? NO. It a crazy little Asian girl with a MALLET!.....

Weapon in hand = destruction

Hopefully by now, I have you all wondering where this wonderful place is. The Crab Pot!


Tania said...

snow! what a nice present! you look so cute in the top pic. yum...crab pot is good!

raecatherine said...

nothing beats the fun of pounding on your food before eating it. crab, YuM!