Wednesday, February 14, 2007

A funny moment

Once in a while, Greg and I go to work together, so we can take advantage of the carpool lane. We arrived at work and entered a *coffee stained floor elevator with two other strangers.

I looked over at Greg and noticed droplets were coming from his bag onto his pants leg.

"Greg, you're dripping."

Greg replies,"No, they were there before we got in."

"No, you are dripping! It's coming from you bag."

Greg replies back, "It was there before!" Looks down and saw the stain on his pants. Then he gave me his cute sheepish-embarassed look and ran out of the elevator before I can get another word in.

Within 5 minutes, I get an email from him. It turned out to be his Coke!

As for Valentine's Day, we decided to celebrate yesterday on the 13th instead. Greg had an all day meeting and told me that he will pick me up at 5pm. So, I sat at my desk working on the wedding and when 5pm came around, Greg walked in with a dozen roses! I was soo surprised!! I immediately put the roses in a glass beaker (for those don't know, I work in a lab), and am enjoying them greatly. Afterwards we went to Wasabi Bistro for dinner and it was fantastic!

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