Wednesday, December 5, 2007


As many of you may or may not know, I am taking an online English writing class to make my Pharmacy application stronger. While I rummage through all the handouts of "What makes good writing?" I came across a descriptive writing exercise and it goes like this:

1. Look up today's horoscope
2. Re-write it as if it is writen for you

Here's my attempt of this exercise.

1. Your volunteer spirit is fully engaged right now, so if you're not hooked up with a do-gooder organization, now is the time to shop around for one that fits your needs, skills and interests. (From

2. Today, I have helped several people at my job in some form or another. I helped Megan record cell viability and I have tried my best to help the new person find a protocol. Overall, I feel I have fully engage my volunteer spirit. Also, today I was a do-gooder organizer. I organized the papers on my desk and have gone through half the freezer to record what samples I have. Busy day. :)

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