Sunday, April 1, 2007

Some Dirt

Before dating, Greg and I spent many lunch breaks, as science nerds do, talk about the technicality of gardening. Does the soil have the right pH? nitrogen? or potassium?

Steming from our past (pun intended), we recently began our adventure together on growing heirloom tomatoes together. Despite that it looks borderline illegal, needless to say, we will soon be proud parents of specialty heirlooms! The funny green plant is a Shamrock slowly working its way to join the compost pile.

The seeds were purchased from the good ole internet ( under Red Tomatoes. They are the "German Red Strawberry" and the Principe Borghese, which won the 2006 Seattle Tilth Tomatoe Tasting

I spent the most of my April Fool's Day preparing the soil for my tomatoes plants. I reckon it will take another 3 weeks before I can do so!

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