Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Starting the New Year

After my wonderful trip to Australia, I landed running in Seattle without any scissors.

We arrived in Seattle in time for New Year's Eve! We had a fantastic time! Rebecca, Sean, Katherine, Sam, Ernie and Jason were over for dinner and we played lies dice, pictionary and ImagineIff till the fireworks were set off at the Space Needle, which we watched from the front steps of the Wallingford House.

I submitted my pharmacy application to UW on Jan. 5th. The next day, Angi and her cousin went with me to the Wedding expo at the Convention Center, and left the building with a bagful of papers! Papers everywhere! I have papers about papers! Angi and her cousin were fabulous in preventing me from being overwhelmed. Thanks again!

Since the paperfiedcation, I have been looking at reception sites. This is tough, since I want the site to represent us. So far, we have come across outrageous opulent sites to "not so great" places. All of which, I can see matching other people but so far we haven't found a place. No worries. I am 100% positive that we will find something that matches us well.

Well, back to the world of ribbons and cake. yummm..cake....

We will post some pictures from Australia later.

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